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Damage review Empty Damage review

Post by kkarnage on Mon Oct 22, 2012 2:35 pm

I realized that the max damage we could have on the game is 2'250 with x1... as there are no drones and no updates yet.
And I don't think I will make the 16 drone emplacement system.
So maybe Anubis should have 20 laser slots instead of 15 , and neurosur 15.

Let's imagine you can go up to +60% with upgrades and skills
Anubis: (150*20)+(150*20)*0.6 = 3'000+1'800 = 4800
12'000 with x4 without upgrades
19'200 with x4 max

It may seem low but max shield is only 150'000 without upgrades and 250'000 max
And I think most people will have a full speed config ( 0 shield ).

At the beginning we wanted to make x4 rare, but I think with x3 the damage will be too low. But we must first finish the ressources cycle and see their value.

Anyway I think 20 lasers instead of 15 will be better for Anubis and 15 instead of 10 for neurosur. Because some npcs will be a bit difficult...


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